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10 Years Anniversary
Tharwa Breda Celebrating 10th Anniversary
We still remember the day when we had started this company with just a handful of people and a very limited amount of resources. Starting from there till today, the company has covered a long and evolutionary journey. 10 Years back, we had started with millions of dreams, hope and immense enthusiasm. Nowadays when we are celebrating 10 years of the company birth nothing has changed, except the fact that we have made our dreams true and have the new ones now. It’s a matter of great pride to see such valuable company growing, embracing good value system and achieving more than what we have ever thought of. We take pride also in saying that we have the best and extraordinary employees with equally high aspirations and dreams. They have worked against all the odds that occurred in these 10 years to make what seemed impossible, possible. By producing around 400 wellhead sets Our company has become a shining example amongst the leading organization as we have created a unique local system to produce and manufacture Wellhead and X-mass trees for the 1st time in in our country. Trust has two parts, one is the ability to believe in others and another is being trustworthy to others. As we are a successful business, we always take both sides together as hand in hand with the most reliable, dependable and supportive shareholders who are benevolent enough to encourage our continuous improvement. We want to say that the road ahead will be challenging, as unpredictability will continue to rule, however, we will continue with all kind of motivation to strengthen our capabilities, go on and on to fulfill all our promises and pledges to our investors and shareholders.