Quality &HSE


Quality, health  safety, and respect for the environment are inseparable from each other and integral to our business and mindset. We design these core values into our services and processes starting at the design stage and track performance throughout all the facets of our business.

QHSE is a top management priority. Senior management and the Board of Directors are responsible for QHSE and set the tone for the entire organization. We have driven it into all the facets of our business. 

We have a very simple approach to quality and safety. We strive for zero errors and to provide excellent service quality to our clients. Our definition of quality is inseparable from a proactive approach to QHSE that ensures the well-being of people and the environment. Our QHSE statement  is a focal point of our management and employees.

The policy requires all activities concerning people, processes and surroundings to be carried out with the highest consideration for quality, health, safety, and the environment. We focus relentlessly on continued improvement. We are also transparent and welcome client reviews of all our activities.

Our edge technology helps protect the physical environment while also safeguarding employees and others who may be affected by our client activities. Tharwa-Breda  embraces our client efforts to mitigate their risks of environmental impact. We help them achieve their goals of zero emissions and discharges.